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You know it when you hear it; the sound, the melody, the words... It's not something you can explain, it's something you feel. A great song takes you places, paints pictures in your mind, plants feelings in your heart, and grabs your attention from the first note until the last. 

                                Von is a master at creating these magical moments. 

Von Kopfman has written nearly three thousand songs in a variety of genres including pop, country, rock, contemporary Christian, and standards. If you can name a style, he has probably written it. Von has written and produced for many artists over the past thirty years, as well as maintaining an active recording schedule as a solo artist and as a member of BIG Daddy LOUD. 


Whether you need a memorable song for a major life event, you or your band are looking for your next hit, if you are looking for a jingle or commercial project, let The Last Songwriter write it for you!

Von is also available for co-writing and ghost-writing assignments with very competitive rates, depending on the size and scope of the project.

Von is a member of B.M.I.,The Songwriters Guild of America, and The Orchard, and is actively seeking writing assignments, as well as high-quality film and television placements.

Please visit the Contact page for details.

the Ghost Machine....affordable ghost writing

Touring, public appearances, photo shoots, recording, videos, meet and greets,

not to mention a personal life, sometimes it is impossible to find the time for creativity. Your image is important and in the highly competitive music industry, you need every advantage you can get. Put Von's 30 years of experience to work for you. He offers competitive rates, unlimited enthusiasm, and complete discretion...Contact for pricing and references.


The Last Songwriter YouTube Channel


the Last Songwriter~ the Ghost Machine

" To all of my family sometimes treated worse than some stranger on the street, to anyone I ever met who saw the worst parts of me, to all of my lovers and anyone I've called a friend, I'm begging for forgiveness and I'm here to make amends"

  from "Amends" c 2013 Von Kopfman

"He's got a picture of Geronimo, and Jerry Garcia of the dead, and pictures of faces no one else can guess, He's got a row of self portraits they're the ones that sell the best, Oh yes Velvet Elvis"

from " Velvet Elvis" c 2006 Von Kopfman





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