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Letters for Healing~Songs for Healing Revised~Guide Book Available Now

Five More Minutes

The seeds for "Letters for Healing: The Therapeutic Power of Writing to a Lost Loved One", which includes the "Songs for Healing" CD {published April 2013 by Kansas City Star Books}, were planted with the tragic loss of Von's son Jacob on August 11, 2011. Armed with a desire to make something positive from such heartbreak, this book and CD accomplish just that. Nominated for a 2013 Kansas Notable Book Award and with a forward by Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis, this collection of 45 letters and 15 songs to lost loved ones will inspire those who read it to write their own letter and enter their own path toward healing. "Letters for Healing" is available in both traditional and electronic formats, wherever books are sold. There are three more Letters for Healing books planned. Von is available for signings, lectures, and concerts nationwide. 

"No one knows the hell I'm going through, since you have gone away, each day I put a smile on like some well-worn shirt so no one sees my pain, but inside part of me has died, and I'm dying more and more each day, when I'm alone, tears for you fill my eyes, losing you was too high a price to pay"

   from "Too High A Price To Pay" c 2012

   Von Kopfman


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Never Say Goodbye

True Cowboy

One More Anything

Blue Wings


Of Course


No Right To Leave

Magical Thinking

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Take My Breath


Full Throttle

Too High A Price To Pay



Take Me

Von is available for lectures, signings or live concerts. Contact: 

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