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"Here I am standing on the moon, can you even see me from where you are?, it seems like I'm a million miles away from you, but really we're not so far apart"

      from "Standing on the Moon" c 2008 Von Kopfman

"My love is like a waterfall, let it pour down, my love is like a freight train, you just can't get around, but you don't notice me, you won't see beyond, my love is like the ocean, it just goes on and on and on and on, my love"

  from "Waterfall" c 2005 Von Kopfman

"One mans reality becomes another mans perception, until you're knotted up inside entangled in his obsession, Jesus on a t-shirt available for a fee, just add it to your weekly check and make it payable to me, 

Where is GOD?"

 from "Where is GOD" c 2009

 Von Kopfman

"You're beautifully broken, like a mirror that's been shattered in a million perfect pieces, you're beautifully broken, but you're still beautiful to me"

from "Beautifully Broken" c 2011 Von Kopfman

Von Kopfman 

The Last Songwriter

346 Northview Dr

Brookeland Texas 75931

Management: Mike Gormley

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