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" and I would spend more of my life, we would play more games, and ride more rides, we would read more books, and laugh until we cry, yes I would do it again, only better next time" from "Better Next Time" c 2013 Von Kopfman

"Julie's in the fresh flowers that dance before your eyes, Julie's in your favorite songs and all those butterflies, Julie's in the photographs and right here in this room. Julie's in your every thought and everything you do"

"Julie" 2014 Von Kopfman

"Will you walk with me in darkness, will you walk with me in light, will you walk with me through fire, will you walk with me for life? Will you stand here for love, will you stand and believe, will you stand through the changes, will you stand here with me, will you stand?"

"Stand" 2014 Von Kopfman

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