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BIG Daddy LOUD is Back! BIGGER and LOUDER than EVER!!  Two new singles "Lucky Day" and "Crayons" have dropped! A Brand new album "SEX And MONEY" was released in January 2020. With the departure of Eric Logan in early 2018 Von and Jim have decided to carry on as a duo and keep recording.

                BIG Daddy LOUD YouTube Channel

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Ear Trumpet Endorses BDL!

"Her momma followed the big bands across the USA, from Goodman to Tommy Dorsey momma loved to hear them play, she heard that her father was some crooner named Frank, but momma never explained, just put his money in the bank"

from "Apple Spacebar"c 2011 Kopfman~Logan

"She's a ball of fire to the third degree, like the worst sunburn you've ever seen, she loves to touch it till you scream, she's a solar- powered sex machine"

 from "Solar Powered" c 2012

 Von Kopfman


" A narcotic hypnotic, road trip on a stick, a feel good like you should, give me just a lick, just how many does it take, to the center of your mind? you're flying, you're falling, it all seems so real, hightened awareness accentuates the feel, take all your worries, and leave them all behind"

from "Candy" c 2011

   Kopfman~ Logan


"Let's lay down our arms, lift up our voice, and make wisdom the weapon of choice, let's stand up for peace and we can all rejoice, let's make wisdom the weapon of choice, let's make wisdom the weapon of choice"

  from "Wisdom" c 2014 Von Kopfman

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