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The Last Songwriter provides a variety of services from custom song-writing for personal, band, corporate, commercial, film or television use, to co-writing, ghost-writing, and even song-doctoring. 

Von Kopfman is available for concerts, book signings, and speaking engagements.

BIG Daddy LOUD is available for concerts.


Custom songwriting: $40.00 per line +%, ownership retained.

Solo or Band material: Please Contact.

Corporate songwriting: Please Contact.

Commercial Jingles: $30.00 per line +, ownership negotiated.

Film or Television Licensing: Please Contact.

Co-writing: $10.00 per line + %, ownership negotiated.

Ghost-writing: $10.00 per line + % ownership delivered.

Song-doctoring: $15.00 per line, no ownership


For scheduling and information please contact:


"It's like witnessing a car crash both our eyes are open but we don't see the same thing, like being told a secret both of us are listening but we don't hear the same thing, it's like getting a piece of candy both our mouths are open but we don't taste the same thing, like knowing something's dying both our senses operate but we don't smell the same thing, it's not the same thing"

  from "The Same Thing" c 2014 Von Kopfman

"I could feel sorry for myself, and make excuses left and right, complain about the darkness, when it's up to me to turn on the light, and there's no ceiling to the top if I dare to climb that high, but if I keep diving for the bottom I'll find there's no end in sight"

  from "No End In Sight" c 2006 Von Kopfman

All Photos by Rex Wolf (785) 260 1398

"He will command HIS Angles concerning you, To guard you in all your ways, He will deliver His words are true, He will lead you in the last days, He will open the book of life, and read every line, every word, every page, He will recieve all who are upright,

As The Battles Rage.

   "As The Battles Rage" c 2015 Kopfman/Barnes

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