New BIG Daddy LOUD

BIG Daddy LOUD are nearly complete recording their new album "Lucky Day" which will be released early December 2019. Recorded at The Orin Underground in Lawrence by Von and Jim, this new project has raised an already high bar. "Our management team is very anxious to get this project out and promoted" says Jim 


"Fake News"

BIG Daddy LOUD announces the release of their newest album Fake News. 11 hard hitting , current songs. purchase wherever you buy your favorite tunes!  Look for our interview and cd review in the Dec.2017 issue of Fireworks Rock and Metal, with "Big Show" on the sampler CD

Ear Trumpet Labs Endorses BIG Daddy LOUD! We use both the Mable and Evelyn Microphones  you Should Too!


Von has just released a new album "Solo" with the first single "The Real Me". Working again with James Allen Barnes at The Orin Underground this is Von's most personal album to date and is available worldwide. Dan Mauer has produced a beautiful video for "The Real Me"

Like A Breath

Von announces the release of his new album "Like A Breath". Like A Breath is thirteen brand new recordings, recorded with James Allen Barnes at his new Orin Underground Studio in Lawrence Kansas. The album features Von on lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, and James on drums, back ground vocals, keyboards. Legendary keyboardist Terry McCart contributed to "Breaking The Surface" (which he also co-wrote) and "Don't Let Me Go"

John Flynn added lead guitar to "Breaking The Surface", and Hayden Kirby added recorder to "No Superheros". The album featuring the singles "Its You" "Come On Now" and "Like A Breath" has been released on The Orchard and is now available world wide. There is also an instrumental version of the album "No Words" that has been released at the same time.

Eastman Guitars

Eastman Guitars announced today the endorsement of Von Kopfman.

"I recently picked up an Eastman E10oo-12FM what an amazing instrument! 

I am proud to be part of the Eastman family!" 

See Von's Artist profile here:

New Solo Album "Love"

Von has a new solo album "Love" which hit the stores on September 9th, 2014. "Love" is thirteen upbeat love songs about love and relationships. Includes the singles "She Like Sugar" and "Thirty Thousand Feet" Working again with acclaimed audio engineer and drummer James Allen Barnes and recorded at Flynn International Sound Recorders, Lawrence Kansas. The original art is by Marti Hill of Marti Hill Graphic Designs. There is also an instrumental version of the album "Amore" that was released the same day.


"Synapse" "Stop Talking" "Speechless"

BIG Daddy LOUD announces the release of their highly-anticipated debut "Synapse" which hit record store shelves and is available for downloads begining July 22, 2014. "Synapse" is not one but two completly different concept albums in one package. "The Adventures of Apple Spacebar" is the fictionalized story of Super Groupie Pamela Des Barres. "Politics and Religion" is an observation on just how off track our country has gotten on both fronts. Both were recorded at The Art House and Flynn International Sound Recorders in Lawrence Kansas, and Produced by B.D.L. and James Allen Barnes (Quiet Corral) who also Engineered, played drums and provided background vocals. "Synapse" is available at most brick and mortar loactions as well as everywhere electronic music is purchased including CD Baby, Amazon, Emusic,and the I-Tunes Store, etc. BIG Daddy LOUD also has two instrumental albums "Stop Talking" and "Speechless" available at the same locations.

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