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In 1991 Von formed Last Chance Music to address the challenges faced as an independent artist, namely publishing and distribution. He also needed a formal business entity for tax and legal purposes. Last Chance Music signed a distribution agreement in 1998 with a then-fledgling company called The Orchard. The Orchard has become one of the leading distributors of music, film/TV, video, and e-books, worldwide. As The Orchard has grown, it has become increasingly difficult for small acts to get involved. After consulting with several fellow songwriters, solo artists, and bands facing the same challenges, Von decided to turn Last Chance Music into a Co-op to let these artists take advantage of all that The Orchard has to offer under the Last Chance Music umbrella.

Basic Placement

Last Chance Music offers a Basic Placement service for those who seek worldwide distribution for their professionaly-recorded music projects. These will be placed on The Orchard under the Last Chance Music umbrella.

You retain 100% of the ownership of your songs, including your publishing. Last Chance Music provides full accounting, using The Orchards state-of-the-art analytics. The Orchards fee is deducted at the point of service. The audio must be professional quality recordings, MP3 format. Last Chance will perform the audio conversion to The Orchard specifications, and front cover art must be provided in a .jpg at 1500x1500, 72 dpi. Last Chance Music takes a flat 1% fee for this basic service. Please contact for complete details.

Basic Placement and Press Release


This service includes all of the Basic Placement services as well as a full press release using The Orchard's award-winning Artist Builder software. This press release follows the audio release all over the world. Digital photos, complete biography, and discography are required. and the artist retains 100% ownership of all their material.

Last Chance Music takes a flat 2% fee for this mid level service. Please contact for more details.

Basic Placement, Press Release, and Single Placement


This includes everything that Basic Placement  and Basic Placement with Press Release as well as a single release, using The Orchards amazing single-release builder software app. This allows the artist to select one song per project to be featured as a single. This single will be pushed everywhere the project is distributed worldwide. This can really increase the odds of having projects downloaded and placed in television, film, streams, games, and ringtones all over the world.

Last Chance Music takes a flat 3% fee for this premium service. Please contact for complete details.

Artists Roster

Some of the members of the Last Chance Co-op include: Joint Effort, Greg Fox, The Flynn's, and Brothers In Moab.

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