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songwriter~author~singer~musician~c.m.p.~ wedding officiant 

"I Was" The first single from Saturday Morning Originals: Volume One addresses the devastating effects the "Pandemic" has had on the live music business. 

Everyone Loves Guitar
         with Craig Garber

Von was interviewed on
May 17th and will be featured on the July 15th episode of the internationally popular Everyone Loves Guitar Podcast. More info will be posted when available.

                New Recordings
"Everyone Loves Guitar" & "I Want A New Guitar"
Von will begin work on two new songs at the historic Sugar Hill Recording Studio in Houston Texas in early June 2022 with  Hugh Jass on drums and Robin Richardson on Bass, and engineering by Steve Finley.


No More Bad Songs!!
Letters for Healing Revised Edition
                   Arrives July 12
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Letters for Healing Revised Edition Arrives July 12 and will be available wherever everywhere you buy books.

"And you can blame everyone else but it's perfectly clear, the one to blame is staring back in the mirror, whose dreams have been lost to the shadows in the light, you only get one chance to stand up and shine, it's nobody's fault but your own if you're last in line, so take a breath, spread your wings and take flight, from those shadows in the light"

from "Shadows in the Light" c 2005 Von Kopfman