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Tin Men

Tin Men was formed in 2000 by Von Kopfman (Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter) and Rick McClintic (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals). They released their debut album "Another Day In Disneyland" in September of 2001 which featured the single "The Giant Is Awake" about the September 11 attacks. Von and Rick gave all the profits from this single to The American Red Cross and were interviewed on radio stations, television, and news-papers, all across the United States because of their efforts to help.

Tin Men's second effort "That's America" was released in 2004, and Tin Men offically disbanded in 2006.

"We will not be held hostage to the terror that you wield, We will not be held captive to your twisted sick ideals, While it's true we may have been sleeping, You better make no mistake, Watch the company that you're keeping, Because the giant is awake"

from "The Giant Is Awake" c 2001 Von Kopfman

"If you want a guarantee buy a toaster, If you want to eat for free scrape it off the road, If you want to go to Heaven pay a preacher, If you want to go to Hell, don't pay him anymore, If you want it, all you gotta do is reach for your wallet, and lay your money down"

from "Lay It Down" c 2004 Von Kopfman

" Look at the unhappy people, it's more sad than funny, as they worship their Gods, they call cars and money, Everyone of them, gives less but wants more, their willingness to recieve, makes them seem like whores......

..And the houses are getting Bigger, and the wastelines are Bigger too, and the poverty just gets Bigger and the corruption's Bigger too, Oh everything's getting Bigger"

from "Bigger" c 2004 Von Kopfman 

" We're smarter faster our teeth are straight, Thinner younger we're looking great, taller smaller impeccably dressed, got more money always success, That's America have you heard, that's America, top of the world"

from "Thet's America" c 2004 Von Kopfman

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