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Von Kopfman is a busy man...

Songwriter, author, singer, musician, entrepreneur, Certified Music Practitioner; Von has been creative his entire life. Von has written nearly three thousand songs in a wide varity of genres,  produces albums for other artists, and records solo albums. Von also plays well with others, having co-written and ghost-written countless songs. Von is a published author with the release of his highly-acclaimed book and CD project "Letters for Healing", which has been nominated for a 2013 Kansas Notable Book Award. As a singer, Von has the ability to sing everthing from tender ballads to powerful rock and roll, and as a musician, he plays guitar, bass, and keyboards. He is also a successful entrepreneur and is available for songwriting, concerts, book signings and other events. Von proudly uses Eastman and Leo Posch Guitars, 



"The sky was prussian blue, and my heart was cherry red, these visions of you keep filling my head, like the sun shining crimson, reflecting in the moon, I wonder are you dreaming, under the prussian blue"

  from "Prussian Blue" c 2007 Von Kopfman

"Now I'm climbing the rungs, heading for the edge, ready to jump and all that represents, falling feels like flying, feels like dying by degrees, killing the pain, with sweet silence, I'm breaking the surface"

  from "Breaking The Surface" c 2013 words, Kopfman          music, Kopfman~ McCart

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