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"Crayons" is the second single from the new BIG Daddy LOUD album SEX And MONEY which is out now! Written by Von and Jim it has that classic BDL sound with a modern twist. Enjoy!!

   Live Dates: 2020

          More To Be Announced!


Jan 18, 9-12pm, Josies, Topeka Ks

Jan 26, 9:30 Faith Lutheran Church,Topeka Ks

Jan 26, 3-5pm Our Savior Lutheran, Topeka Ks

Feb 2, 9:30 Faith Lutheran Church,Topeka Ks 

Feb 23,9:30 Faith Lutheran Church,Topeka Ks

Mar 8, 9:30 Faith Lutheran Church, Topeka Ks

Mar 15,9:30 Faith Lutheran Church,Topeka Ks

May 10,11-2pm Vinewood, Topeka Ks 

Dec 24,5pm Faith Lutheran Church,Topeka Ks

"SEX And MONEY" Out Now!

"And you can blame everyone else but it's perfectly clear, the one to blame is staring back in the mirror, whose dreams have been lost to the shadows in the light, you only get one chance to stand up and shine, it's nobody's fault but your own if you're last in line, so take a breath, spread your wings and take flight, from those shadows in the light"

from "Shadows in the Light" c 2005 Von Kopfman

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